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Our current focus:

We have recently launched our new product called BLEND. It is the first, real debit card for Bitcoin.
Head over to to learn more and be one of the first users!

Some of our previous research projects:


Secure cold storage

The Vault is a wireless (NFC) hardware wallet for generating, storing and managing secure keys for cryptocurrencies. It is a highly-secure, EAL6+ conformant, long term (10+ years) storage device.


Cross border payments

Sending money to distant countries never has been cheaper and faster than with Signatur Pay. Using cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin) as a backend, but offering both the sender and recipient the option to deal with their local currencies.
Read more on the Signatur Pay microsite.


In-store payments

The Card is a smartcard for facilitating purely blockchain based payments at physical locations. Simply it enables bitcoin payments at merchants without using your phone.

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Signatur has completed the Launchpad X programme in the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC), the leading early-stage accelerator in Ireland.

Fintech Innovation Lab Dublin

As part of the Fintech Innovation Lab in Dublin, Signatur has access to dedicated mentors in leading banks and financial institutions in both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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